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I still get that occasional Magic is just a bunch of cardboard or why do you play useless cards? More from the older people in fact. Do you have a suggestion on how I should reply to these comments since I know they dunno full well what Magic the Gathering really is?


Here’s something to try. “You might not be very familiar with the game of Magic but it is currently the best-selling game in the world played by over 12 million people. It’s printed in 11 languages. Sold in over 120 countries. Has over 700,000 tournaments sanctioned every year. And has printed over 20 billion cards over the last 21 years.”


Urza Part 3: The Academy Years

Learning from past mistakes, Urza finally realized he would need help defeating the Phyrexians. Urza started recruiting wizards and artificers from all across Dominaria to join together with one purpose. 

This was how the Tolarian Academy was founded. Urza, along with Barrin and Rayne made a school to teach young mages who showed potential. Students were found from many places including Teferi from Jamuraa and Jhoira from Shiv. 

Even though Urza had had little luck with it in the past, Urza still thought time travel might be the key to stopping the Phyrexians from being made aware of Dominaria all together. 

To this end, Urza managed to successfully build a time machine, the only problem was that organic matter could not be sent back in time without being destroyed, and even non-organic material could not be sent back in time far before it too would be destroyed. 

Urza came up with a solution, he would create a golem to go back in time for him. Through experimentation they found silver was the most resistant to the destruction of the machine, so Karn the silver golem was created. 

Karn could go back in time, but unfortunately he could only travel back hours, while Urza wanted to send him back millennia. After a few failed experiments, Urza moved on to new projects and left Karn to fend for himself.

Jhoira befriended Karn and taught him about the world. Unknown to everyone else, Jhoira had another friend as well. Jhoira had met a man who washed up on the beach of the island. Jhoira had been telling him about the island and sneaking him food, not knowing the whole time he was a Phyrexian sleeper agent named Kerrick. 

Kerrick killed Jhoira one night when the other Phyrexians got to the island and raided the academy. Karn found out about all this, and used the time machine to got back several hours to stop it. Karn had just used the time machine in one of Urza’s experiments though, and the added stress of being used again so quickly caused the machine to overload. 

The time machine exploded and quickly caused time disruptions all over the island. Urza petrified some students and Barrin to protect them from the rapid time fluctuations and fled the island. 

Urza returned to the Tolaria 10 years later with new students and teachers hoping to restore the academy and recover any lost data. Much to Urza’s surprise he found there were a few survivors being led by Jhoira.

The time machine had caused rifts of slow or fast time all over the island. This caused much danger since getting a limb caught in a fast time rift would cause it age rapidly and wither off, or getting stuck in a slow time rift would trap you for years. Teferi had been trapped in a slow time rift since the explosion and not aged even a day in the 10 years Urza was gone. 

Kerrick and the Phyrexians that attacked the island had been trapped in a fast time rift, but their artificial bodies were immune to aging. This cause another problem since the Phyrexians could do years of research on new weapons and machines in the time Urza could only spend a month doing the same.

Urza learned how to utilize the time rifts for experiments and research. He devised a safe way to travel into and out of a time rift and with some help from Jhoira the entire island was mapped out with markings on where each rift was. Also, Teferi was saved from his slow time rift, though from his perspective it had been only a few minutes, not years.

Urza used fast time rifts to send his most productive students into, so they could do research in fractions of the time. One fast time rift even turned out to have the perfect amount of sunlight and water and became a paradise, used for short vacations by some of the students. Finally Urza found that water taken from a slow time rift and given to mortals could extend their lifespans indefinitely. This was used to keep his favorite students and teachers alive much longer than would be normally possible.

Urza knew that Kerrick and his Phyrexians were still a huge threat and started traveling around Dominaria looking for powerful allies. The last place Urza visited was Yavimaya, the forest that had once been Argoth. Urza had destroyed Argoth and he knew there was still a great hatred for him there. His fears were realized when Multani trapped Urza in a magnigoth tree, and forced him to feel all the pain Titiania had felt when Argoth had been destroyed. 

Urza was saved by Barrin, who summoned him back to Tolaria because Kerrick and his Phyrexians were attacking the island. Finally Multani saw the threat of the Phyrexians and helped to destroy the Phyrexians. 

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